Saturday, March 31, 2012

Israel: Day 4

We started our day at the Jordan River!
These are the people who were baptized.
It was such an amazing experience to
come up from under the freezing cold brisk
water and imagine Jesus looking up
through the tree branches as I was.
Also, to imagine a dove right above where I was,
saying "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am pleased"
This is Bet She'an.
King Saul was hung on the walls of this city.

We had to take this tractor-like train into the city.
It would've been quite a walk.
Emily, Malachi and I were seat buddies :)

Soldiers walk around all over with their guns
just hanging off their back like this!

This is the public restrooms of those days.

There was an eathquake some time ago.
It was cool how the columns fell like this.

This tall columns reminded us of Samson.
If you recall, Samson was tied to columns of
the temple and pulled the temple down as he died.

As you can see, it WAS McDonald's!
It wasn't American McDonald's, though..
It was kosher, though, so there was no cheese
and ice cream was made at a different counter.

We were getting into the real desert of Israel.

The Dead Sea!!!!

This is Qumron, where the
Dead Sea Scrolls were found.
There were monks that lived here,
 and hid the Scrolls.
It was crazy to see that they lived HERE.
The Dead Sea isn't too far away, but it's SALT water.
You can't drink salt water.
They figured out how to get water.

This is part of Qumron, as well.
The Dead Sea Scrolls were preserved,
since there isn't much rain at all in this part of the desert.

At church last week,
we talked about how Satan tempted Jesus.
It was in a desert.
Look at the picture above, this is what I imagine.
Imagine Jesus wandering the desert
for 40 days without food or water.
And Satan coming and saying
"I'll give you all of the world if You bow
down and worship me."
Satan? Give Jesus something?
Satan is a created being, NOT the Creator.
He can't give Jesus something Jesus already has!


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