Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun Weekend....ha ha

So, yesterday we got up and started washing the windows, I think there are 30 some...INSIDE AND OUT! Plus ALL the wooden blinds!
Thankfully this ordeal only happens twice a year, because it is not too much fun!
We had to take all the padio furniture off the patio so we could wash those windows, so we looked like rednecks...J, Mom and I sat in the yard getting tans while watching Dad do the back of the house's windows :)
Then, today we went to church, Then to Pluckers for lunch. Jen and I did some last minute b-day shopping for my Dad, and we came home to get ready to mow the lawn, and plant flowers!
Oh, but our neighbors got an ADORABLE new puppy a Shi-tzu. His name is Bear, and he looks like a little fluff ball :)
So, that was my excitement for the weekend, now I am working on some school before bed.
Have a good week everybody!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I never realized that Isaiah was so future-related.
I thought it was just like Psalms or something, but as I'm reading it...I am seeing that it is telling us about the future!
It's quite inspiring...
I'm 18 books in to the Bible!! Wooo!
I'm doing school, school and some more school today..
We took a very extended lunch break for Tuesday Lunch at Chipolte yesterday...
We took 2 weeks at Christmas, so we are trying to work through Spring Break so we don't have to go through June.
Gracie went to the vet yesterday, and they told Mom that she has a lot of tartar on her teeth, and they wanted like $300 to clean her teeth! We went to Petsmart and bought a 4 dollar dog toothbrush that you put on your finger and some poultry flavored toothpaste :)
Back to the books!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


We drove the 6 hours to McAllen yesterday...
We ate with Larry and Florence...Then today, we drove all around town...
We came back to Bibleville and picked some grapefruit, played Dominos with the Hildabrants that we used to go to church with. It was fun, actually..
We came back to the place we are staying (Which, contrary to our imaginations, is quite nice!)
to get ready for a concert that is happening at the church tonight. We will go to their church tomorrow, then out to lunch. We will head home from there!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Today is Sunday!

Okay, so I have found my new fav at Starbucks! A Americano with Cream and Sugar-Free Vanilla. It is so good! And, a lot more caffeine than a latte, I imagine :D
We went out to lunch with Mr and Mrs Isbell and Ben, he was home from college for Spring Break.
Then, of course, we came home to do some school...Dad then decided to drive to Elgin to look at some property...I took a couple tests with me, and did pretty well on them :)
I'm getting closer to being caught up, although I have a Spanish Test I am dreading!
This weekend we are going to McAllen to see Larry and Florence( From GB)...That is a 6 hour drive, If I remember right.. Mom, J and I are just going, so I have a feeling it will be quite a drive. Maybe we can do some school on the ride.
Our MOPS Steering meeting that we babysit for once a month was moved from Friday to Tuesday, so it works out perfectly! We will leave around 9 on Friday, and hopefully get there sometime in the afternoon...ha ha..
It doesn't look like we will have any beach time this time :( Maybe when Karen comes for her Spring Break.
We will have like non-stop company for a couple weeks which will be fun!
I may try to get a little ahead in school so I'm not like 8 weeks behind.. ha ha..
It looks like 10 weeks left of school, though! I'm EXCITED!!!!!
This song has been in my head lately, I thought I'd share it with you...
"Yesterday is History, and history, is miles away, So leave it all behind you, Let it always remind you of the day...The day that love made History"
-"History" by Matthew West (I think?)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday :)

We all had TONS of fun with Beth, of course :) She is a lot of fun...we went to Sonic every day and had coffee by KafeKathleen every day too :D
She left Wednesday, Jenna worked yesterday...and today, we had MOPS!
It was quite hectic with everyone tired and hungry, but they are all pretty cute, so it helps ;)
Those kiddos are growing up waaaay too fast!
I babysat for some people I hadn't seen since before Christmas, and they have both grown about 5 inches it seems like!
I am trying to catch up on some Spanish, and everything else for that matter..
There is tomorrow, too...We made Breakfast tacos for dinner and then Cheese and Caramel Corn for 'dessert'....It was very yummy!!
It is supposed to rain from Sunday-Tuesday! I love rain, but I have stuff to do, so that's no fun! Rain is only fun when you can curl up with some hot tea and a book!
BTW-I AM getting closer to being through the Bible!!!!!
I started January 1st and am on Psalms 120, today!
Have a glorious day in Jesus