Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun Weekend....ha ha

So, yesterday we got up and started washing the windows, I think there are 30 some...INSIDE AND OUT! Plus ALL the wooden blinds!
Thankfully this ordeal only happens twice a year, because it is not too much fun!
We had to take all the padio furniture off the patio so we could wash those windows, so we looked like rednecks...J, Mom and I sat in the yard getting tans while watching Dad do the back of the house's windows :)
Then, today we went to church, Then to Pluckers for lunch. Jen and I did some last minute b-day shopping for my Dad, and we came home to get ready to mow the lawn, and plant flowers!
Oh, but our neighbors got an ADORABLE new puppy a Shi-tzu. His name is Bear, and he looks like a little fluff ball :)
So, that was my excitement for the weekend, now I am working on some school before bed.
Have a good week everybody!


Jenna Johnson said...

you make me laugh.




Beth said...

Why do you make Jenna laugh? Washing windows isn't my idea of fun, but I am glad we did it. It will look nice until it rains again.