Monday, February 25, 2013


Why do I go so long without blogging?
I guess because I've been insanely busy. 
I realized something as I was reading through my blog posts from the past year or so.
I stress out trying to do things on my own, but God always comes though for me!
I am planning to finish the degree I originally planned to (Management Information Systems) in the Winter of 2015. It's crazy how God works things out!

Someone who has really encouraged me through this school year is the Pastor of the church I attend in OKC (LifeChurch). Craig Groeschel has written tons of books and lately I have been reading Altar Ego. His books are so encouraging and inspiring. I am thankful that God placed his teaching in my life when I've needed it most. You can watch his sermons here.

I also have been extremely encouraged by Colton Dixon's music.

I hope it encourages you as well!