Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bad News- PLEASE PRAY!!!

My Grandpa went in this morning for knee replacement, and...the doctor found a staff infection in his knee that could turn into mersa, a more vigorous he has to be on IV antibiotics for 4-6 weeks, and he can't bend his knee until after that. He won't be able to actually have the knee replaced like he originally wanted to. It really is a God thing that they caught it now, because if they wouldn't have caught it if my Grandpa hadn't had pain...And the reality is, if they didn't catch it, it could have gotten much worse. This will really be tough for my Grandpa to sit still for 6 pray for him, that the infection won't grow any more, and that his infection will go away!! -K

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting ready to leave on yet another trip....

August 20th 2008 (My Birthday) 10:10AM
Well, today we start packing clean clothes and school books to leave for my Grandparent's early tomorrow morning. My Grandpa's having knee surgery, and we are driving the 21 hour trip in 2 days. I am SO not ready to start school, but we start tomorrow. But, for the moment, we are celebrating my birthday. I got a futon (for my room) last night, Chuck Wicks and Chris Sligh CD's, pillows and sheets for the futon, and Target and Starbucks gift cards. I've had a pretty good birthday so far :) We are going for lunch soon, at Chuy's, the BEST mexican food around. It is gloomy and rainy on my birthday. :( Oh well...I guess I should go finish packing...yippee....

Birthday Bash Weekend (August 2008) (Day 3)

Monday August 18th, 2008 (Day 3) 12:00PM

Well, we are headed home, so I will relapse what we did yesterday, now. Yesterday, since it was raining, we drove up to Corpus Christi, and spent the day driving around. We didn’t feel like a museum, and the aquarium is mostly outside, so we went driving looking at the scenery. Downtown Corpus is on the water, so we were going to eat lunch at Landry’s, a steak and Seafood joint that floated on the water. We got there, and walked inside-the second we stepped in; we knew we couldn’t eat there. The smell was horrendous! It smelled to me like one too many hurricanes had passed through and the carpet wasn’t replaced. Mom thought it smelled like they had gutted the fish in the lobby. J So, we decided we would drive a little bit more to try to find somewhere else to eat.
We drove, and drove, and drove, and drove some more, it seemed like, and FINALLY one of the towns had a restaurant. We ate at Floyd’s Ranch House Family Restaurant. It was quite an ‘old people’s restaurant’. An HOUR later, we finally got back in the car. (We had quite slow service)
We decided then to drive to Corpus Christi to ride the ferry to Port Aransas. Karen insisted on getting out of the car, and God must have given her that itching to get out for a reason. As we were standing on the side of the ferry, we saw a dolphin jump up! After we got off the ferry, we stood on a pier, trying to see it again. We stood there for about 10 minutes without seeing anything. Karen said that after this huge ship, we could go back to the car. Well, as the huge ship got closer, we saw a dolphin jumping in front of it. We watched it follow the boat out. It eventually came back, with another one, and we got to see them for a while. It was pretty cool.
Then, on the way back through down, we saw “Seafood and Spaghetti Works” and Tarpon “Tampon” Inn. We enjoyed the day A LOT!
So, when we got home, it had long since stopped raining. Karen and Jenna went for a walk on the beach. They came back for a few minutes, and then Mom and I joined them on the beach. We saw a live crab, not a hermit crab, a real crab. It was side –stepping, I found it quite amusing. After we had gotten our ‘ocean fix’, we went back to the condo and started fixing dinner. After we ate, and the dishes were cleaned up, Mom went into the kitchen for something, and she let out a shriek. She saw a COCROACH! It grossed us out a little too much, so Karen decided we were not going to eat breakfast there this morning J we watched the Olympics for a little while, and then went to bed.
This morning, we once again woke up to rain L So much for one last walk on the beach...Instead of the beach; we started to load the car. At 9AM (2 hours before we had to be out) we started out. We stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, about 10:30. We have had quite heavy rain showers this morning; we just about had to pull over because Dad could hardly see! We stopped for gas, but other than that, we have just been driving. Gracie’s asleep on my lap, Jenna, Karen, Mom and I have been reading books or on laptops or IPod’s J
We are finally to San Antonio, so we only have about an hour and a half until we get home. The sky looks very dark, again! Now, the beach bash is over, and after my birthday on Wednesday, we will head to Wisconsin. And, we’ll have to start school all over again. We had fun on this trip, even through the rain, and who knows, maybe we can do it again next year!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Birthday Bash Weekend (Day 3 morning) (August 2008)

Sunday, August 17th 2008 9:45AM
This morning, we woke up to quite a bout of rain. We are sitting around, watching the Olympics, trying to find something to do inside. It is supposed to pour rain ALL day, so we are just sitting here...waiting,"Waiting" Waitin' on the World to change....:)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birthday Bash Weekend (Day 2) (August 2008)

Saturday August 16, 2008 (Day 2) 8:30PM
Yesterday, After we picked up Karen at the Airport, we started for North Padre Island. We got here about 3:15. After getting Karen’s first Sonic of the trip, we checked into our Condo,then we went to the beach. Then, after a couple hours at the beach..we went for Snoopy’s seafood for dinner. To Jenna and Me, it wasn’t that grand, but we don’t like seafood…After dinner, we came home and crashed...
This morning, About 7:30, Karen(After being up awhile) walked into our room singing “Rise, and Shine, and give God the glory, glory..” After eating breakfast, we put on our swimming suits, and headed for the beach. We stayed at the beach until about 2:30. We ate a very late lunch, and then had to go back out for a Sonic run. After a little while, we went exploring Port Aransas. We stopped at a pier, and saw a dolpin! That made Karen’s day, because that is what she wanted to see while she was here. We found were we stayed last October, and drove on the beach where we drove on with the motorhome. After a little leisurely driving on the beach, we came closer to the condo..where we are now. We just ate a little snack, since we ate such a late lunch. Now, we are watching the Olymics, and we will be going to bed soon, to get ready for another day at the beach.

The LONG Car Ride (Christmas 2007)

The LONG car ride
Thursday, December 20, 2007.
This morning, we woke up at 4:45! (I think that is an hour that should only be seen with the “P.M.” behind it.) Anyways, when we finished packing, we started loading the van. That took about ½ an hour. Then, we wrestled the cat into the cage in the van, and the dog jumped in with happiness, knowing that she was not going to be left home!
We had just pulled out of the driveway, and the cat, that had no clue what was happening, decided then was a good time to dump her litter pan, so litter was everywhere and we hadn’t even left our street yet! We cleaned it out when we stopped to fill up with gas.
So, after filling up with gas, we drove LONG stretch to Dallas, where we ran into traffic because of an accident. So, after sitting in traffic for 20 minutes, we saw the accident. This pick-up truck (A Ford F150, I think) was sitting in traffic a while earlier obviously, and a semi truck behind him stopped too late, and smashed into the bed of his truck. If that wasn’t bad enough, the impact of the hit pushed him into another semi truck that was in front of him! I think that truck was totaled. J
At that same traffic accident we saw a Ford Mustang police car. It looked SO cool….
The cat, who has not had many experiences in the car, hates being caged up. She can’t see out any windows and that drove her crazy. For about the first hour she let us know that. “Meow, Meow, Meow” got very very annoying after a while. She then started drooling and panting, which made me nervous. Finally I put her on my lap, and after a look out the window, she has been fine.
Well, it is 9:40A.M. and Barbara, (our GPS) says that we will get to Kansas City (half-way) at 5:20. We spend the night there. It all depends on the weather…
We just stopped for lunch….we are back on the road again… Barbara says we will get there around 6:00PM, I am starting to wonder, “Will we EVER get there”!

Friday, December 21, 2007
We stayed overnight in Kansas at my Mom’s Aunt’s house, we left in the icy van around 7 A.M. (In the fog!) We stopped for breakfast soon after that….Barbara says we will get to Grandma and Grandpa's about 3:15. It is 11:15 now, so we only have 4 hours left!
Jenna and I really need to stretch, but my Dad has the mentality that since we started and don’t have any icy roads, or traffic (And the fact that we have knocked 15 minutes off our arrival time, thanks to Dad’s great driving) that we will not stop till we get there….sigh, eventually we WILL get there.
We are in Iowa right now, there are snow covered fields, and it is starting to feel like winter to us! It is only 37 degrees right now. Not much has happened today so far….we will see as the day goes on. For now, I am HOPING that we get there SOON!

January 1st, 2008 10:00A.M
After a very nice Christmas vacation, we are back on the road again! We are in Illinois, just about to Missouri (I think). It is 17 degrees and very icy. When we left Racine at 6:30 this morning, the highways weren’t even plowed! So, for a little while we thought we were about to go in the ditch. But, my Dad is a good driver and kept us safe! It scared us a little when we saw a semi-truck in the ditch!
Our van is VERY loaded down. Patches has finally stopped meowing! She meowed from about 6:30-8:00, and I finally took her out on my lap for a few minutes, but when I put her back, she got VERY crabby! She would much rather be on solid ground than moving!
Gracie? Well, she hasn’t been awake much of the trip, as you may remember me saying. She slept on my lap (on my pillow) for about 3 hours, and now she sleeping on Dad’s pillow in between the bucket seats.
For a little while, I was SO excited that we could see snow, but now, since we almost went in the ditch, I’d much rather be in Texas!
Barbara says we will be home by 12:15 A.M.! Dad is going to drive straight through, so we will see how that goes!
For now, I am still really scared that we will go in the ditch!!!!!!!

January 1st, 2008 12:00 P.M.
We are now almost halfway!. I thought we were about 2 hours ago, but we took a different road…and now we really are almost halfway. We stopped for gas and coffee. (I had some REALLY good cappuccino!)
There is no more snow, now. I have sort of mixed emotions about snow. Great for snowmobiling, yet bad for walking and driving in!
Jenna does not feel good; she is sleeping, and has slept most of the way. We only have 13 hours left! Yippadedoda. Pretty soon we will have TB (Tired Bottom’s)
Well, I think we are going to drive a while before we stop for lunch…….I will write a report of what has happened in a little bit.
January 1st 2008 2:58 P.M.
We just had some excitement! We stopped for lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s near St. Louis,; we got back in the car, and when we got to St. Louis, Jenna was going to take a picture. She then realizes that she didn’t have her camera. She had left it at the restaurant. So, we drove the 8 miles back to the restaurant and found the camera.
Okay, back on the road. Jenna and I played Packers UNO for a little bit, and then I felt something wet under my feet. My 40-ounce- Arizona Tea has spilled about ¾ of itself onto the mat under my feet. I took a drink, and evidently didn’t turn it tight enough. After about 20 napkins, 45 Wet Ones, which were dried out, and a bath towel, of mopping up……most of it is up. It is a little sticky, but I guess we will have to clean the mats later.
Barbara says we will get home at 1:58 A.M. Sigh, only about 11 hours left in the car. Jenna and I wanted to try to play our new Electronic Monopoly in the car, but, Dad packed it in a suitcase under everything in the trunk. Oh, well…..
Hopefully we will get home quicker than it seems!

Diary of Life On The Road-Graduation Edition (May 2008)

Well, here we are 8 hours into the trip to South Carolina. Barbara says we will arrive at 10 p.m. which is 7 ½ hours from now….It is quite a hike. We left at 6 o clock this morning. We stopped for breakfast and then about 11:15 for gas and snacks. We have some cheetos and trail mix to tide us over. I don’t know that we will stop again unless we need gas. Mom has been driving for an hour or two and that whole while Dad has been sleeping. He laid his seat back, so I moved to the back seat with Gracie. Jenna and I are trying to do some school…but we aren’t too motivated anymore. Hopefully the trip back will be better with the motivating. We have seen a few accidents: A semi trailer blackened from a fire, a tire shredded off a semi, a drug bust or something…4 cop cars at one truck and the people were being patted down! We went over the Mississippi river, and I think we are still in Louisiana…We started to see red dirt just a few hours from our house. I made up a slide show for Grandma Johnson’s Mother’s Day present.. The roads Barbara has taken us down have been very bumpy, and even the highways are very bumpy when you are trying to write or type. Our van is pretty loaded, but somehow it doesn’t seem as bad as Christmas, I guess Patches isn’t with this time.
Maybe sometime soon Dad will want to drive and need a Starbucks break… J. Well, a girl can hope, can’t she? Oh, there was a Starbucks at the exit we just passed, oh well… Dad ended up laying on my backpack which has everything but my laptop in it. But, I have his D/C adapter, so I have endless Laptop power…mwaahahah…I am very tired if you can’t tell…We were all pretty crabby about having to get up at quarter to six in the morning… Jenna slept for the first 2 hours of the trip, and Gracie settled down quickly. Grace looked a little sick earlier, but I think she is fine..Jenna won’t let her sit on her lap because every time she does that, Gracie pukes on her. It never fails, but it is usually when Jenna is sick.
Oh wait, I just saw a Mississippi license plate, we just be in Mississippi….Anywho..I guess we are on the look out for a Sonic now, that would work the same as a Starbucks J I will give you a detailed report later. Over and Out J
Sunday, May 11th 2008 4:00 P.M.
Well, Thursday Night we went to an Honor’s Graduation thing, Friday, was the actual graduation. Guess how many people graduated from Clemson this semester…..Over 2,000, granted it was split into two ceremonies…but still, there were over 1,000 people that graduated in his ceromony. After that, we came back to their house. They had B-B-Q catered in, and we had cake. The Vereen’s (Natalie’s family), The Green’s (Their good friends), the “Johnson family” (Grandma and Grandpa, Dad, Mom, Jenna and I) were all here. While setting up, I stepped in a big pile of dog poo…so all afternoon, I smelled dog poo on my foot even though I had washed it. Then, Friday night, we helped Andrew clean out his apartment. Now, that is a story in itself. He was an RA, and one of his roomate’s had already left, and the other guy was supposed to be out by now, but of course he wasn’t. Andrew told us that he hadn’t bothered cleaning for the last month, so it was SO disgusting in there…So, Andrew, Natalie, Jenna, Uncle Gene, Daddy and I all had to work around his roomate’s stuff…..Andrew had brought his own microwave and toaster oven. UHJKRNTB…It was GROOO- the to OOOOOOSS! The microwave (My job) had food splattered everywhere, and it smelled SO bad…the paper towels were coming out yellow!
But what was worse, was the bathroom! Jenna and Natalie tackled Andrew’s sink and the shower…

-I never really finished this one..but you get the idea :)

Diary Of Life On The Road-Wedding Edition

April 15th2008 10A.M.
Well, we are in a plane, on our way to Chicago! It is so cool looking down from the airplane (at over 35,000 feet) it almost seems like God’s perspective. I know He’s a lot higher, but that is what I think about. I can’t even see cars anymore, houses are tiny specs , and I can see the entire path of a lake or river! WOW! I can see the sun against the clouds, it is SOO gorgeous!
We got though security okay, and got Auntie Anne’s pretzels and drinks. Mom got Karen a dozen Round Rock Donuts, but no Rudy’s this time. Jenna is sitting next to me knitting and whe the plane shifts, she holds my leg, and acts scared.
Did you know on American Airlines, you have to BUY a bag of chips for $3 or a sandwich for $5? I think that’s crazy, but I guess that could just be how they make their money
I actually stuffed my pillow into my carry-on, FINALLY! YAY!
I’m guessing we are almost to Dallas, but I have no idea.

April 15th 2008, 11AM got our complimentary drinks and watched First class get their food. I knit a few rows of a dishcloth, and of course listened to “You’re the Voice” By David Archuleta at least 2, 3 or 10 times J Our plane lands about 12:30, so we have an hour and a half to go.
There is a little girl, probably about 2-years-old sitting in front of us. She is so cute! Every once in a while she will peek over the top of the seat to see what we are doing. She seemed very fascinated by knitting.
Jenna looks like she is about to fall asleep, and Mom is STILL doing Sudoku.
The Pilot said that we just passed Springfield, Missouri, meaning that we have about an hour left. Less that I though!
I can’t wait to see everyone! We are going to crash our old neighborhood’s block party, It will be so fun to see everyone again!
I think the signs in front of us are so funny; “Use seat bottom for floatation” and “Fasten seatbelt while seated”. In an emergency, no one but the flight attendants would even think about that, let alone look at the “Signs” . Ha ha…They would probably be sued If they didn’t though… The trays are pretty handy though, especially for writing on J La de da….Hopefully we are never in a situation where we have to use the oxygen masks and seat bottoms.
I am still looking out the window and seeing God’s wonderful creation!
Did I happen to mention how cute that little girl in front of us it? She reminds me of Mariah. That Beautiful complication.
Well, it is almost 11:30, so we don’t have that much longer to go…I just saw a hotel with outside pool, the pool looked about the size of a model train scenery one. The ice that airplanes serve is always very salty.
I have started jumping from subject to subject, so maybe I’d better stop thinking so hard. :-P

April 15th 2008 9:45 P.M.
Well, here we are, at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, finally. After Grandpa finally found us, we went to Portillo’s for Italian beef, then by the time we got to Karen’s she was on her way home. So, we went to Panera for Iced coffee, Kohl’s for Jenna to get shoes, dresses and swimming suits, since all we found at ShopKo was stuff for the wedding present. We went to Sentry for buns, then got back to Karen’s just in time to eat Chick-Fil-A in front of the T.V. watching American Idol.. We finally got here and I took a shower, and now I am headed for bed!

April 16th 2008 9:15 P.M.
After watching American Idol, we are off to bed. We finished shopping for Betsy's gifts today, went to the Taste of Home Outlet, got a few cookbooks, and ate beef tenderloin for dinner! Yum-O! Tomorrow morning, we will leave in Karen’s car about 8-o-clock. We will drop Jenna off at Bethel to spend the day and night with Betsy…Their last sleepover!

April 17th 2008 8:10 P.M.
We are now driving towards the wedding. Mom got an email this morning saying that Lester died yesterday morning. She is really bummed about that, but the funeral is the same time as Betsy’s wedding. What a coincidence, huh? So, hopefully she will be able to go in between the wedding and reception. We borrowed Karen’s car and are now stuck in traffic.
First, today, we will drop Jenna off at the church, and then go to Hu Hot with Florence and Verda (YUMMY!) Then we will spend our day doing something else….and then, finally sometime tonight, we will stay at Grandma and Grandpa's before starting another full day!

April 18th 2008 (One day before the wedding!) 10:00 A.M.
This morning, Grandma was up and at ‘em making breakfast. Of course she had coffee- She also had made bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast. They are showing their house today…So, they will have to find somewhere to go while that is happening. Our suitcases are at their house still, oh well. We went to Menards this morning to get B-B-Q sauce, and found something unusual….Did you know that Menard’s carries like groceries? Real groceries! Like flour, to shampoo to soda! Wow…I didn’t know that. We are headed to the church to pick up Jenna, then we will go out to Jim and Linda’s. We will go for Amico’s with them (Yum!) and then of course go to the Amish stores.:-)

April 19th 2008 (Wedding Day!) 10:45 P.M.
We are headed to the church! Jena has her hair perfect, Betsy got her really cute earrings and a necklace and we got Jenna’s make-up perfect. She is still convinced she will trip half-way down the aisle, but you can tell she is really excited. Jenna is just in jeans, and hopefully her dress will be at the church with Betsy’s. I can imagine Betsy looks gorgeous, too. I have taken LOTS of pictures already and hopefully will take many more today! I am soo excited for Betsy and Nathan!

April 20th 2008 (Day after the wedding) 2:05 P.M.
Betsy did look absolutely gorgeous, yesterday, so did Jenna and Sara, and the guys for that matter. Jenna didn’t trip and Betsy didn’t faint; so it’s all good!
We went to the neighborhood block party after the receptions last night. We didn’t get home until like 11:00 P.M.
But we got up and went to church this morning, then we went out for lunch with Gary and Susan, to Hu Hot… We will probably get to Karen’s about 4…. We leave Tuesday morning to go back home! I have had a great time so far, but I need a vacation from a vacation!
Until next time…I’m K!

Diary in the Life of the Motorhome (October 2007)

Diary of life in the Motor home: Day 1
Today (Wednesday) we started out on our adventure. It is now about 10 minutes to 7, and we are almost to the campsite that we are staying at tonight. It is pretty fun so far. We got Subway for dinner and ate at our little table. It took about 1 hour to load everything into this big 39’ motor home!
Dad says he can drive this, but sometimes, especially on country roads, I get pretty doubtful that he is telling the truth!
Jenna and I enjoyed playing a few games of Uno, the way we used to. (Dealing all of the cards between us =-) )……It was so fun….until we both got headaches.
Jenna is now being silly spinning around in the chair while we are driving.
We are now in Giddings, TX, where we will stay tonight. It is a very small town…… It is just starting to get dark….and it is like 85 degrees!
We are just about there….so I am going to shut the computer down….
This was an update of “Life in the Motor home”; I am K, saying “Good Night!”

Diary of Life in the Motor Home: Day 2
Dad is getting sick…he was up all night...and came out to get medicine at 4AM …Jenna and I were up then. We are sitting in the motor home in Giddings…I don’t know how much longer we will be here…we need to stop at the store on the way to our destination :)….You know Mom, she always has a grocery list!
This is all I have for now…I will record more of ‘Life in the Motor home’ later….for now, I am K, saying “LETS GO!”

Diary of Life in the Motor Home: Day 3
We stayed at ‘Sea Breeze RV Resort’ right by the ocean last night. There was a thunderstorm last night, starting at about 4AM….J and I were afraid that since we were so close to the ocean, the tide would come up and wash our motor home out!
We met some very nice people that were catching crabs…they were happy to answer questions about crabs, and show them to us.
You know, you think of an ocean (well actually the Gulf of Mexico) as being a nice beach, with beautiful water….yeah that is not it at all….at least not by this part! It hardly had a beach, and the water was green, but it was fun looking for shells!
We found lots of shells, occupied shells, but Mom thinks they are pretty, so we are taking them home and letting them die. I’m not too happy about that.
We are now on our way to the city(We stayed in Portland, about 10 minutes away)….many people have said that it is beautiful, and we need to look for Sand Dollars, Mom is very excited about that!
We are having LOTS of fun so far, I will record what we did today, once the day has come to an end. I am K saying “We are going to have GREAT fun today! YAY!”

Diary of Life in the Motor Home: Day 3 continued
The Aquarium was really cool! We were in there for probably 2 hours!
We watched a Dolphin show, watched Otters, Turtles, and Divers feeding fish under the water…..It was just a really cool experience. Jenna took almost 200 pictures, I took about 70. Jenna is the great picture taker!
Right now, we are in Corpus Christi on our way to Port Aransas. Our GPS, Barbara, is getting us mixed up. She is telling us to turn on roads that are closed, or no longer there! We get a very pretty view of the Gulf though!
Oh my, Palm tree’s tons of small shops….it is all so cool!
I can’t really think of anything else to record right now……So, I am Kathleen saying “Barbara!!!! FIND THE RIGHT ROADS!”

Diary of Life in the Motor Home: Day 4
Last night, we went walking on the beach for about 1 hour, we walked 2 miles! We then came back to the Motor Home and watched a movie.
We got up at 7:30 and walked on the beach, we didn’t find any shells this morning….we found a sand dollar that was whole, but when we got back to the motor home it was crushed.
We just ate breakfast…..and we are looking out at the beach. It is a VERY pretty beach, we walked in the ocean last night….It was so fun!
Jenna and I were upset at Dad for walking out up to his chest in water, but we couldn’t stop him. We are just having a blast! I don’t know what we will do today….Dad is still sick…of course, right when we are on vacation, he is sick!!!!
Well, I think we are about to head out for a while, so I am Kathleen saying “I love the beach!”

Diary of Life in the Motor Home: Day 4 (Continued)
We have been on the road for about 5 hours today. We left the RV Park at about 10:45 A.M. We then went towards downtown Corpus Christi, partially by beach! We were on the sand right by the water for about 10 miles, but it took about 45 minutes because you could only go so fast with people and cars all around you.
While in Downtown Corpus Christi, we found Blackbeard’s (A restaurant that we had heard a lot of good things about) and we parked right by the ocean. We got out of the motor home, and right on the beach, there was a wedding being cleaned up! Someone had just gotten married on the beach!
We then ate, and got back on the road; we have been driving for about 4 ½ hours….we stopped for gas, but have been on the road the whole time. We have about 1 ½ hours left, I think we are trying to make it somewhere near Houston tonight, and then tomorrow (Mom’s Birthday), or Monday we will go back home.
Oh yeah, and another funny thing that happened…….Well, This lady that was staying in a motor home next to ours introduced us to her dog. She said that the dog would bark the whole time if he didn’t ‘meet’ us. So, Jenna, Mom and I were petting the little poodle, (I think his name was Biscuit) and all the sudden the lady said, “Are you two girls twins?”. We said no, and we keep laughing at that. No one had ever mistaken Jenna and I for twins. Hee hee…
I am SO not ready for this vacation to end…it is so much fun! Well, I am off to go look at the pretty scenery… For now, I am Kathleen saying “Let's stay at the ocean…….FOREVER!”

Diary of Life in the Motor Home : Day 5
Today is Mom’s birthday, and we are going home today. Sad as it is, we get to be home! With our animals!
I have no clue when we are going home, we are all just waking up….so I guess I will stop my noisy typing!
For now, I am Kathleen saying, “Why do vacation’s ever have to end?!”

Diary in the Life of the Motor Home: Day 5 (Continued)
We just ate lunch at Casa Ole and are now back on the road….Barbara says we have about 2 hours until we get home. Dad and Jenna were sick the whole trip, and now today, I can’t shake a really bad sore throat.
We are going to have a long rest of the day cleaning out the motor home. We of course went grocery shopping, so we have more than we brought…and seasoning just had to spill all over the pantry! We will get to vacuum and clean everything after we get everything out.
I think I am going to go back to snuggling under my blanket and sweatshirt- I am SOO Cold! Well I guess this brings us to the end of Life in the Motor home…. Thanks for reading!
I am Kathleen saying “Good Bye, Motor home, and Good Bye vacation and beautiful Ocean!”