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Diary in the Life of the Motorhome (October 2007)

Diary of life in the Motor home: Day 1
Today (Wednesday) we started out on our adventure. It is now about 10 minutes to 7, and we are almost to the campsite that we are staying at tonight. It is pretty fun so far. We got Subway for dinner and ate at our little table. It took about 1 hour to load everything into this big 39’ motor home!
Dad says he can drive this, but sometimes, especially on country roads, I get pretty doubtful that he is telling the truth!
Jenna and I enjoyed playing a few games of Uno, the way we used to. (Dealing all of the cards between us =-) )……It was so fun….until we both got headaches.
Jenna is now being silly spinning around in the chair while we are driving.
We are now in Giddings, TX, where we will stay tonight. It is a very small town…… It is just starting to get dark….and it is like 85 degrees!
We are just about there….so I am going to shut the computer down….
This was an update of “Life in the Motor home”; I am K, saying “Good Night!”

Diary of Life in the Motor Home: Day 2
Dad is getting sick…he was up all night...and came out to get medicine at 4AM …Jenna and I were up then. We are sitting in the motor home in Giddings…I don’t know how much longer we will be here…we need to stop at the store on the way to our destination :)….You know Mom, she always has a grocery list!
This is all I have for now…I will record more of ‘Life in the Motor home’ later….for now, I am K, saying “LETS GO!”

Diary of Life in the Motor Home: Day 3
We stayed at ‘Sea Breeze RV Resort’ right by the ocean last night. There was a thunderstorm last night, starting at about 4AM….J and I were afraid that since we were so close to the ocean, the tide would come up and wash our motor home out!
We met some very nice people that were catching crabs…they were happy to answer questions about crabs, and show them to us.
You know, you think of an ocean (well actually the Gulf of Mexico) as being a nice beach, with beautiful water….yeah that is not it at all….at least not by this part! It hardly had a beach, and the water was green, but it was fun looking for shells!
We found lots of shells, occupied shells, but Mom thinks they are pretty, so we are taking them home and letting them die. I’m not too happy about that.
We are now on our way to the city(We stayed in Portland, about 10 minutes away)….many people have said that it is beautiful, and we need to look for Sand Dollars, Mom is very excited about that!
We are having LOTS of fun so far, I will record what we did today, once the day has come to an end. I am K saying “We are going to have GREAT fun today! YAY!”

Diary of Life in the Motor Home: Day 3 continued
The Aquarium was really cool! We were in there for probably 2 hours!
We watched a Dolphin show, watched Otters, Turtles, and Divers feeding fish under the water…..It was just a really cool experience. Jenna took almost 200 pictures, I took about 70. Jenna is the great picture taker!
Right now, we are in Corpus Christi on our way to Port Aransas. Our GPS, Barbara, is getting us mixed up. She is telling us to turn on roads that are closed, or no longer there! We get a very pretty view of the Gulf though!
Oh my, Palm tree’s tons of small shops….it is all so cool!
I can’t really think of anything else to record right now……So, I am Kathleen saying “Barbara!!!! FIND THE RIGHT ROADS!”

Diary of Life in the Motor Home: Day 4
Last night, we went walking on the beach for about 1 hour, we walked 2 miles! We then came back to the Motor Home and watched a movie.
We got up at 7:30 and walked on the beach, we didn’t find any shells this morning….we found a sand dollar that was whole, but when we got back to the motor home it was crushed.
We just ate breakfast…..and we are looking out at the beach. It is a VERY pretty beach, we walked in the ocean last night….It was so fun!
Jenna and I were upset at Dad for walking out up to his chest in water, but we couldn’t stop him. We are just having a blast! I don’t know what we will do today….Dad is still sick…of course, right when we are on vacation, he is sick!!!!
Well, I think we are about to head out for a while, so I am Kathleen saying “I love the beach!”

Diary of Life in the Motor Home: Day 4 (Continued)
We have been on the road for about 5 hours today. We left the RV Park at about 10:45 A.M. We then went towards downtown Corpus Christi, partially by beach! We were on the sand right by the water for about 10 miles, but it took about 45 minutes because you could only go so fast with people and cars all around you.
While in Downtown Corpus Christi, we found Blackbeard’s (A restaurant that we had heard a lot of good things about) and we parked right by the ocean. We got out of the motor home, and right on the beach, there was a wedding being cleaned up! Someone had just gotten married on the beach!
We then ate, and got back on the road; we have been driving for about 4 ½ hours….we stopped for gas, but have been on the road the whole time. We have about 1 ½ hours left, I think we are trying to make it somewhere near Houston tonight, and then tomorrow (Mom’s Birthday), or Monday we will go back home.
Oh yeah, and another funny thing that happened…….Well, This lady that was staying in a motor home next to ours introduced us to her dog. She said that the dog would bark the whole time if he didn’t ‘meet’ us. So, Jenna, Mom and I were petting the little poodle, (I think his name was Biscuit) and all the sudden the lady said, “Are you two girls twins?”. We said no, and we keep laughing at that. No one had ever mistaken Jenna and I for twins. Hee hee…
I am SO not ready for this vacation to end…it is so much fun! Well, I am off to go look at the pretty scenery… For now, I am Kathleen saying “Let's stay at the ocean…….FOREVER!”

Diary of Life in the Motor Home : Day 5
Today is Mom’s birthday, and we are going home today. Sad as it is, we get to be home! With our animals!
I have no clue when we are going home, we are all just waking up….so I guess I will stop my noisy typing!
For now, I am Kathleen saying, “Why do vacation’s ever have to end?!”

Diary in the Life of the Motor Home: Day 5 (Continued)
We just ate lunch at Casa Ole and are now back on the road….Barbara says we have about 2 hours until we get home. Dad and Jenna were sick the whole trip, and now today, I can’t shake a really bad sore throat.
We are going to have a long rest of the day cleaning out the motor home. We of course went grocery shopping, so we have more than we brought…and seasoning just had to spill all over the pantry! We will get to vacuum and clean everything after we get everything out.
I think I am going to go back to snuggling under my blanket and sweatshirt- I am SOO Cold! Well I guess this brings us to the end of Life in the Motor home…. Thanks for reading!
I am Kathleen saying “Good Bye, Motor home, and Good Bye vacation and beautiful Ocean!”

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