Saturday, August 16, 2008

Diary Of Life On The Road-Wedding Edition

April 15th2008 10A.M.
Well, we are in a plane, on our way to Chicago! It is so cool looking down from the airplane (at over 35,000 feet) it almost seems like God’s perspective. I know He’s a lot higher, but that is what I think about. I can’t even see cars anymore, houses are tiny specs , and I can see the entire path of a lake or river! WOW! I can see the sun against the clouds, it is SOO gorgeous!
We got though security okay, and got Auntie Anne’s pretzels and drinks. Mom got Karen a dozen Round Rock Donuts, but no Rudy’s this time. Jenna is sitting next to me knitting and whe the plane shifts, she holds my leg, and acts scared.
Did you know on American Airlines, you have to BUY a bag of chips for $3 or a sandwich for $5? I think that’s crazy, but I guess that could just be how they make their money
I actually stuffed my pillow into my carry-on, FINALLY! YAY!
I’m guessing we are almost to Dallas, but I have no idea.

April 15th 2008, 11AM got our complimentary drinks and watched First class get their food. I knit a few rows of a dishcloth, and of course listened to “You’re the Voice” By David Archuleta at least 2, 3 or 10 times J Our plane lands about 12:30, so we have an hour and a half to go.
There is a little girl, probably about 2-years-old sitting in front of us. She is so cute! Every once in a while she will peek over the top of the seat to see what we are doing. She seemed very fascinated by knitting.
Jenna looks like she is about to fall asleep, and Mom is STILL doing Sudoku.
The Pilot said that we just passed Springfield, Missouri, meaning that we have about an hour left. Less that I though!
I can’t wait to see everyone! We are going to crash our old neighborhood’s block party, It will be so fun to see everyone again!
I think the signs in front of us are so funny; “Use seat bottom for floatation” and “Fasten seatbelt while seated”. In an emergency, no one but the flight attendants would even think about that, let alone look at the “Signs” . Ha ha…They would probably be sued If they didn’t though… The trays are pretty handy though, especially for writing on J La de da….Hopefully we are never in a situation where we have to use the oxygen masks and seat bottoms.
I am still looking out the window and seeing God’s wonderful creation!
Did I happen to mention how cute that little girl in front of us it? She reminds me of Mariah. That Beautiful complication.
Well, it is almost 11:30, so we don’t have that much longer to go…I just saw a hotel with outside pool, the pool looked about the size of a model train scenery one. The ice that airplanes serve is always very salty.
I have started jumping from subject to subject, so maybe I’d better stop thinking so hard. :-P

April 15th 2008 9:45 P.M.
Well, here we are, at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, finally. After Grandpa finally found us, we went to Portillo’s for Italian beef, then by the time we got to Karen’s she was on her way home. So, we went to Panera for Iced coffee, Kohl’s for Jenna to get shoes, dresses and swimming suits, since all we found at ShopKo was stuff for the wedding present. We went to Sentry for buns, then got back to Karen’s just in time to eat Chick-Fil-A in front of the T.V. watching American Idol.. We finally got here and I took a shower, and now I am headed for bed!

April 16th 2008 9:15 P.M.
After watching American Idol, we are off to bed. We finished shopping for Betsy's gifts today, went to the Taste of Home Outlet, got a few cookbooks, and ate beef tenderloin for dinner! Yum-O! Tomorrow morning, we will leave in Karen’s car about 8-o-clock. We will drop Jenna off at Bethel to spend the day and night with Betsy…Their last sleepover!

April 17th 2008 8:10 P.M.
We are now driving towards the wedding. Mom got an email this morning saying that Lester died yesterday morning. She is really bummed about that, but the funeral is the same time as Betsy’s wedding. What a coincidence, huh? So, hopefully she will be able to go in between the wedding and reception. We borrowed Karen’s car and are now stuck in traffic.
First, today, we will drop Jenna off at the church, and then go to Hu Hot with Florence and Verda (YUMMY!) Then we will spend our day doing something else….and then, finally sometime tonight, we will stay at Grandma and Grandpa's before starting another full day!

April 18th 2008 (One day before the wedding!) 10:00 A.M.
This morning, Grandma was up and at ‘em making breakfast. Of course she had coffee- She also had made bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast. They are showing their house today…So, they will have to find somewhere to go while that is happening. Our suitcases are at their house still, oh well. We went to Menards this morning to get B-B-Q sauce, and found something unusual….Did you know that Menard’s carries like groceries? Real groceries! Like flour, to shampoo to soda! Wow…I didn’t know that. We are headed to the church to pick up Jenna, then we will go out to Jim and Linda’s. We will go for Amico’s with them (Yum!) and then of course go to the Amish stores.:-)

April 19th 2008 (Wedding Day!) 10:45 P.M.
We are headed to the church! Jena has her hair perfect, Betsy got her really cute earrings and a necklace and we got Jenna’s make-up perfect. She is still convinced she will trip half-way down the aisle, but you can tell she is really excited. Jenna is just in jeans, and hopefully her dress will be at the church with Betsy’s. I can imagine Betsy looks gorgeous, too. I have taken LOTS of pictures already and hopefully will take many more today! I am soo excited for Betsy and Nathan!

April 20th 2008 (Day after the wedding) 2:05 P.M.
Betsy did look absolutely gorgeous, yesterday, so did Jenna and Sara, and the guys for that matter. Jenna didn’t trip and Betsy didn’t faint; so it’s all good!
We went to the neighborhood block party after the receptions last night. We didn’t get home until like 11:00 P.M.
But we got up and went to church this morning, then we went out for lunch with Gary and Susan, to Hu Hot… We will probably get to Karen’s about 4…. We leave Tuesday morning to go back home! I have had a great time so far, but I need a vacation from a vacation!
Until next time…I’m K!

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