Saturday, August 16, 2008

Diary of Life On The Road-Graduation Edition (May 2008)

Well, here we are 8 hours into the trip to South Carolina. Barbara says we will arrive at 10 p.m. which is 7 ½ hours from now….It is quite a hike. We left at 6 o clock this morning. We stopped for breakfast and then about 11:15 for gas and snacks. We have some cheetos and trail mix to tide us over. I don’t know that we will stop again unless we need gas. Mom has been driving for an hour or two and that whole while Dad has been sleeping. He laid his seat back, so I moved to the back seat with Gracie. Jenna and I are trying to do some school…but we aren’t too motivated anymore. Hopefully the trip back will be better with the motivating. We have seen a few accidents: A semi trailer blackened from a fire, a tire shredded off a semi, a drug bust or something…4 cop cars at one truck and the people were being patted down! We went over the Mississippi river, and I think we are still in Louisiana…We started to see red dirt just a few hours from our house. I made up a slide show for Grandma Johnson’s Mother’s Day present.. The roads Barbara has taken us down have been very bumpy, and even the highways are very bumpy when you are trying to write or type. Our van is pretty loaded, but somehow it doesn’t seem as bad as Christmas, I guess Patches isn’t with this time.
Maybe sometime soon Dad will want to drive and need a Starbucks break… J. Well, a girl can hope, can’t she? Oh, there was a Starbucks at the exit we just passed, oh well… Dad ended up laying on my backpack which has everything but my laptop in it. But, I have his D/C adapter, so I have endless Laptop power…mwaahahah…I am very tired if you can’t tell…We were all pretty crabby about having to get up at quarter to six in the morning… Jenna slept for the first 2 hours of the trip, and Gracie settled down quickly. Grace looked a little sick earlier, but I think she is fine..Jenna won’t let her sit on her lap because every time she does that, Gracie pukes on her. It never fails, but it is usually when Jenna is sick.
Oh wait, I just saw a Mississippi license plate, we just be in Mississippi….Anywho..I guess we are on the look out for a Sonic now, that would work the same as a Starbucks J I will give you a detailed report later. Over and Out J
Sunday, May 11th 2008 4:00 P.M.
Well, Thursday Night we went to an Honor’s Graduation thing, Friday, was the actual graduation. Guess how many people graduated from Clemson this semester…..Over 2,000, granted it was split into two ceremonies…but still, there were over 1,000 people that graduated in his ceromony. After that, we came back to their house. They had B-B-Q catered in, and we had cake. The Vereen’s (Natalie’s family), The Green’s (Their good friends), the “Johnson family” (Grandma and Grandpa, Dad, Mom, Jenna and I) were all here. While setting up, I stepped in a big pile of dog poo…so all afternoon, I smelled dog poo on my foot even though I had washed it. Then, Friday night, we helped Andrew clean out his apartment. Now, that is a story in itself. He was an RA, and one of his roomate’s had already left, and the other guy was supposed to be out by now, but of course he wasn’t. Andrew told us that he hadn’t bothered cleaning for the last month, so it was SO disgusting in there…So, Andrew, Natalie, Jenna, Uncle Gene, Daddy and I all had to work around his roomate’s stuff…..Andrew had brought his own microwave and toaster oven. UHJKRNTB…It was GROOO- the to OOOOOOSS! The microwave (My job) had food splattered everywhere, and it smelled SO bad…the paper towels were coming out yellow!
But what was worse, was the bathroom! Jenna and Natalie tackled Andrew’s sink and the shower…

-I never really finished this one..but you get the idea :)

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