Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birthday Bash Weekend (Day 2) (August 2008)

Saturday August 16, 2008 (Day 2) 8:30PM
Yesterday, After we picked up Karen at the Airport, we started for North Padre Island. We got here about 3:15. After getting Karen’s first Sonic of the trip, we checked into our Condo,then we went to the beach. Then, after a couple hours at the beach..we went for Snoopy’s seafood for dinner. To Jenna and Me, it wasn’t that grand, but we don’t like seafood…After dinner, we came home and crashed...
This morning, About 7:30, Karen(After being up awhile) walked into our room singing “Rise, and Shine, and give God the glory, glory..” After eating breakfast, we put on our swimming suits, and headed for the beach. We stayed at the beach until about 2:30. We ate a very late lunch, and then had to go back out for a Sonic run. After a little while, we went exploring Port Aransas. We stopped at a pier, and saw a dolpin! That made Karen’s day, because that is what she wanted to see while she was here. We found were we stayed last October, and drove on the beach where we drove on with the motorhome. After a little leisurely driving on the beach, we came closer to the condo..where we are now. We just ate a little snack, since we ate such a late lunch. Now, we are watching the Olymics, and we will be going to bed soon, to get ready for another day at the beach.

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