Sunday, March 8, 2009

Today is Sunday!

Okay, so I have found my new fav at Starbucks! A Americano with Cream and Sugar-Free Vanilla. It is so good! And, a lot more caffeine than a latte, I imagine :D
We went out to lunch with Mr and Mrs Isbell and Ben, he was home from college for Spring Break.
Then, of course, we came home to do some school...Dad then decided to drive to Elgin to look at some property...I took a couple tests with me, and did pretty well on them :)
I'm getting closer to being caught up, although I have a Spanish Test I am dreading!
This weekend we are going to McAllen to see Larry and Florence( From GB)...That is a 6 hour drive, If I remember right.. Mom, J and I are just going, so I have a feeling it will be quite a drive. Maybe we can do some school on the ride.
Our MOPS Steering meeting that we babysit for once a month was moved from Friday to Tuesday, so it works out perfectly! We will leave around 9 on Friday, and hopefully get there sometime in the afternoon...ha ha..
It doesn't look like we will have any beach time this time :( Maybe when Karen comes for her Spring Break.
We will have like non-stop company for a couple weeks which will be fun!
I may try to get a little ahead in school so I'm not like 8 weeks behind.. ha ha..
It looks like 10 weeks left of school, though! I'm EXCITED!!!!!
This song has been in my head lately, I thought I'd share it with you...
"Yesterday is History, and history, is miles away, So leave it all behind you, Let it always remind you of the day...The day that love made History"
-"History" by Matthew West (I think?)

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