Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday :)

We all had TONS of fun with Beth, of course :) She is a lot of fun...we went to Sonic every day and had coffee by KafeKathleen every day too :D
She left Wednesday, Jenna worked yesterday...and today, we had MOPS!
It was quite hectic with everyone tired and hungry, but they are all pretty cute, so it helps ;)
Those kiddos are growing up waaaay too fast!
I babysat for some people I hadn't seen since before Christmas, and they have both grown about 5 inches it seems like!
I am trying to catch up on some Spanish, and everything else for that matter..
There is tomorrow, too...We made Breakfast tacos for dinner and then Cheese and Caramel Corn for 'dessert'....It was very yummy!!
It is supposed to rain from Sunday-Tuesday! I love rain, but I have stuff to do, so that's no fun! Rain is only fun when you can curl up with some hot tea and a book!
BTW-I AM getting closer to being through the Bible!!!!!
I started January 1st and am on Psalms 120, today!
Have a glorious day in Jesus

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