Friday, April 17, 2009

WOW...It's been awhile!

Well....Lets see, to catch you up since I last wrote,
The Halles came for a couple days. It was a lot of fun with them, we went to the BlueBell Factory, took pictures in the BlueBonnets and went out to eat a lot..ha ha..

Then, the Polands came for 9(?) days, That was a lot of fun too! We took them to San Antonio, To see the Alamo and River Walk...And, did a lot of other stuff too..

Then Karen came, and we went to the beach!
We left on Easter after lunch. We stayed on North Padre, and got very sunburt!
The Bahia Mar wasn't all that, but, we pretty much just slept there, so it's all good!
We went to Sonic every day while she was here! She had to leave this morning...
o, we had MOPS, with the cutest kids, of course :) But, my Mom had to drop Karen off, so she was late, and then Jenna had to leave to go babysit somewhere else, so I had to take over her class! The rain didn't help in the motivation department, but it was fun!
Then, the MOPS Steering Committe put together an appreciation lunch for the teachers, and a couple of the moms gave us gifts...It was really sweet of all of them!

Now, Tonight, after catching up on some of the Survivor, Biggest Loser, and Terminator on DVR I started some school...uhhh, this is not very fun..But, on the plus side, I finished my Literature book!
Only...a little over 25 days left!!
Now, I have a headache and am a little overtired,
So, Happy Saturday, bloggers!
(Oh yeah, and we found this boutique in Corpus named 'Kathleen's', It was pretty amazing :D")

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Beth said...

you are a busy girl lately. Someday soon life will slow down. We aren't in a big rush anymore and we will return to normal anyday now,right?