Thursday, March 29, 2012

Israel: Day 6

And, Day 6 is upon us! The last full day in Israel.
Jerusalem proved to be FREEZING and rainy.
This is, of course, the time that we had to walk.
Most of the week we took the bus but,
in Jerusalem we had to walk pretty much everywhere.

This is overlooking Jerusalem.

This is the Wailing Wall.
It is some of the last remnants of the Temple Walls.
Many people believe they must go here to pray daily.
We got to go up close and watch these prayers.
I don't believe what these people believe, but
I think we could learn a LOT from how
dedicated they are.
Muslims pray at least 5 times daily, do you?
I know I generally don't!

This is part of a wall
that surrounded the Temple.
This picture is part of my "Aha" moment of the trip.
You see, Jesus looked at these walls.
Jesus walked on the sidewalk
 that is in the picture below.
That was my "Aha" moment.

This is part of the remains of the Temple,
but closest to you, is an ancient sidewalk.
This sidewalk is an 11 on the Myers-Briggs scale
(of 10)
 that indicates how probable it was that Jesus
was actually here.
This Temple that I've been referring to is where Jesus
overturned the tables of the money changers.
It gave me goosebumps.

The entrance to the Southern Steps was closed
for unknown reasons, and this sign was in front of it.
Mr Ferguson (our chaperon)
 and Nadav (our tour guide)
told us to go as close as we could.
So, there we went, under the
"No Entrance" sign :)
We had to walk down this spiral staircase.
The steps were VERY narrow!

Then, we went down into Nehemiah's Tunnel.
It was very narrow.
Maggie was claustrophobic.

This was some of the wider spots.
Most of the way we had to side step. 

After Nehemiah's Tunnel,
we went to the Jewish Market!!
It was the day before Shabbat (Sabbath)
and everyone was going crazy shopping
before they couldn't anymore.
(Jews still don't work on the Sabbath)
We tried a lot of different pastries, but
these chocolate, cinnamon croissant things
were the BEST!
No one thought this looked appetizing...

Poor Emily fell asleep twice during dinner.

After dinner, we discussed the day with the chaperons,
as we did every night, then came back to
my and Emily's room for one final party.
It was the last night :(
John decided to write Bible Verses on our
complimentary fruit and leave it for the maids.
I didn't have the heart to tell him
that they probably couldn't read
English. Nice gesture, though!

John (mentioned above)
talked so much at dinner that he forgot to eat.
Seriously. You can't make this stuff up.
He brought the food back to the hotel to eat later.

Most of the girls crashed on the bed :)
L to R (Emily, Morgan, Maggie and Emily V)
The guys took the chairs and couch..
(Maggie, Dylan and John)

I think this was earlier that night...
Hannah kicked Matt in the face because
he pulled the blankets off of her.
She was laying in HIS bed.
Note: Don't mess with Hannah
when she's tired.

Emily crashed once again.
Poor girl....
The party was in our room and
she couldn't stay awake...
The noise didn't bother her, though!

This is how Morgan fell asleep and
stayed for over 15 minutes.
It did NOT look comfy, but apparently it was.
This is how Matt (the 275 pound football player)
ended up for a while.
He was wedged between the
sofa and coffee table.


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