Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm going out of the country

Si, you read that right...
I'm going on an all expense paid trip to Israel.  We leave next in like 8 days. Crazy!!!
I have my passport, which has a really ugly picture so we will not be sharing that...and I've started to pack my suitcase, but I have a long ways to go!

I'm looking forward to this new adventure with 11 other kids my age and 4 chaperones.
I've never met any of the kids, so it will be interesting, most of us don't know any of the others.

I'll blog when I get back!



Beth said...

Praying you have the time of your life. What a wonderful opportunity you have. Soak it all in!

Jenna Johnson said...

I'm praying for you! I hope you have the best time. It really is amazing to see all the things mentioned in the Bible! Love you.

Karen's Kitchen said...

a great opportunity! Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it