Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I was tagged!

I was tagged by Ashlin, a follower of mine, a week ago and am just now answering it...:)
1. When and how did you become a Christian? (Story time)
I became a Christian when I was 11.  I had grown up in church, and said I was a Christian because my friends did.  My faith didn't become real to me until I was 11.
2. How many siblings do you have and what is your "place"? i.e. Oldest, Second born, Middle, ect.
I have an older sister...We are besties :)
3. Do you prefer skirts/dresses or pants/shorts?
Um...I like dressing up for church, but love me some comfy jeans :)
4. If you could choose from any occupation, which would you like best?
I really want to get my degree in MIS (Management Information Systems) and I think it would be really cool to be a nanny that travels with a band....yeah, I'm weird.
5. What Book(s) of the Bible are you currently reading in your devotions?
I'm currently doing a 90 day Beth Moore study on John
6. Which movie genre is your favorite?
I'm a chic flick girl :)
7. Which of your birthdays is most memorable? (Again, a story is meant to be in the answer.)
Hmmm...Probably my 16th, because I got my car. 
A couple weeks before my birthday, my parents made my sister take me shopping and they went to pick up my car and surprised me with it in a ChickFilA parking lot :)
8. If you could live anywhere in the world [or galaxy] where would you live and why there?
Wisconsin on a lake for the summer, Texas in the winter! I LOVE Wisconsin summers but I don't think I could drive in the snow!
9. How many pets have you had in your lifetime?
Hmmm...Let's see
Courtney was our Mini Schnauzer that my parents had before I was born and until I was about 9
Then, I had about 12 fish before I was 8...haha, they kept dying :)
Then Whistle, the blue Parakeet, my dog gave him a heart attack, I think..haha
Then Fluffy the Hamster
Beauti the cat (I thought he was a girl for the first 2 years of his life...poor thing)
Fudge the Hamster
Patches the cat

  And Gracie, our current Mini Schnauzer

10. Would you consider yourself an avid reader?
Eh, if I have time I like a good Nicolas Sparks or Karen Kingsbury book
11. Why did you orginally decide to blog?
I started my blog to share my random thoughts about different parts of the Bible :)


Auntie Katie said...

it was my puppy who gave the bird a heart attack! Sorry! Tasha was a naughty puppy

Beth said...

You HAVE had a lot of pets, haven't you? I think Patches is the strangest one of all....nice sometimes and mean A LOT of times!