Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hey there!
So, if you read my blog, you know that I recently went to Israel!

My flight was scheduled for 3/9 at 10:55, so I got to the airport 2 hours early, my Dad helped me check in, and I got through security without any problems. I, of course was at my gate almost an hour early by myself, but it was all good, until.......

I've never flown by myself! I was freaking out, but, I eventually made it!

Poor Matt's (above) plane got in an hour early, at 10AM and we didn't fly out until almost 11PM! He was quite sick of the airport once I got there, at about 5.

The airport closes off the gate about an hour before we have to board and we have to go through security again!
This is 4 of the 6 boys (left to right): Dylan, Matt, Reed and John.
We were SO ready to just go!

(left to right)
Meet Hannah, Maggie and Kelton :)

Kelton and Hannah were plane buddies!!
Maggie and I were buddies too :)

So, we survived the 11 hour flight from Newark!
I will be blogging my daily journals soon!



Jenna Johnson said...

Love this post!! Can't wait to see your reflections on the rest of the "days"

Love you

Karen's Kitchen said...

like it