Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Days of the RV...Part 3?

Mmmkay, a LOT to catch you up on!
We left Beth Bair's house and went to South Dakota.
We saw the Corn Palace, and Wall Drug, and Mt Rushmore...oh, and Bear USA! The bears were soo cute! They walked right in front of the cars! Gracie thought she could take them! But, we gave her a chewstick and all was well!
J and I got really cute zip up hoodies. I don't know when we can wear them in Texas, but... :)
Then, we drove into Wyoming and were astounded at all the beautiful snow-covered mountains and rock formations! Then, we figured, we got this far, why not go to Yellowstone! Sooo...off we went. We spent 2 days in there, and found someone at a gas station nice enough to give us their pass, so we didn't even have to pay for it!
It was SOOOOO pretty! But there was a lot of construction. It was a little difficult in a motorhome, but my Dad is a good driver. We saw Elk, Deer, Moose(s)?, a fox and thennn, a BEAR! So, here's the thing. There were like 20 cars by this side of the road, and this family had their children out of the car! A park ranger came and said, "You need to get back in your car!!!" The park dude left, and the dad said "I'm taking the kids up there" So, he ignored the park ranger and started walking up towards all the other crazy people who were standing out of their cars. Then, we see a bear come running up the hill, across the road, and up the hill on the other side! Now, would you take your kids near a wild BEAR?!?!?

Then, we went through the edge of Montana and spent the night in an Idaho Wal-Mart parking lot. The next day,we drove to Utah. Murray, Utah is David Archuleta's home town, so we stopped and ate lunch there..and we found Murray High, where David went to high school, AND where the 3 Highschool Musical's were filmed! I thought it was pretty cool.

Then we drove almost to Denver, and then got a tweet that David Archuleta was IN Utah when we were! AND we was coming to Denver to do a show that night! The tickets were pretty much sold out though :( Soooo, we started towards Colorado Springs the next morning. We went to the Focus on the Family Campus, and saw the 'Whits End ice cream shoppe' you know, from Adventures in Oddesy?!? J and I used to be obesessed with that radio show!

We have some family in CO Springs, so we went out to dinner with them. We found a campground about 10 miles from their house, and here we are!

The picture uploaoder thing didn't work right now..so I'll post a blog of pictures soon!


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Beth said...

You pretty much summed up THE best vacation, EVER!