Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wow,'s been awhile!

Well, I've been quite busy lately... We got home, were home for a few days and my grandparents came to look for houses. After looking at quite a few, they found one for rent. They'll move down here the 27th, I think. Then, they went home and my other grandparents and aunt came! They are still here and we are having a blast! Chillin by the pool, Walking the RiverWalk, and trying to stay cool!
Summer is going by much too quickly. My birthday is on Thursday, and we will start school on Monday :( Sad day.....Oh, well..I'll make it, I'm sure :)
Hmm, what else is new..I finished the Old Testament for the 2nd time!!!!! Now I've read through the entire Bible 1 and 1/2 times!
The reason why I don't blog often is because I use my phone for internet, mainly. There isn't 'An app for that' that's free :) It's just a pain to type a long blog on a phone keypad! If you have an iPhone, you need to check out the 'YouVersion' Bible app (It's what I use) I love it! I also just found Twisty Text Lite, like Text Twist(an MSN game) SOOOOOO addicting!

God Bless,

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Beth said...

I am so proud of you and your Bible Reading! Can't believe my baby will be 15 this week. Seems like not too long ago you were just a TINY thing!