Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thought for the day

Okay, so I'm not a normal teenager. I don't enjoy sneaking out, yelling at my parents or flunking classes. Nope it's not because I'm homeschooled, it's because I have faith in God.
What do you really need? JESUS!
You can tell if you are a genuine disciple if you bear much fruit.
John was executed because he bore fruit.
Think about this! What Jesus to people see when they look at you? A deformed Jesus or a glorious Jesus?
The FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT are fruits of the vine(Jesus)
If you are a branch of the vine, you have the fruits of the spirit. Bearing fruit is also obeying the Lord. Being fruitful means if Jesus says it, do it!!
Jesus says 'my branches are easily recognizable because they bear fruit'
Genuine disciples live in the Word of God! The Lord reveals something fresh and new everytime you read a verse in his Word.
Scripture rebukes us so that we can be thoroughly equipped for very good work.


Beth said...

I can tell you were listening and taking notes in church today. I am proud of you and so very glad you are MY teenager

Jenna Johnson said...

You are awesome! I am glad you are my sister. Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

Thanks :) It's a little un-paragraphed (Is that a word??) because it was typed on my phone :D