Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Doe a deer......

Well...Today I thought of a marvelous idea! To sing (Well, type in a song) my day of travels! Enjoy!!!!

Do a deer, a female deer- When we stopped to fix lunch, we watched a deer get hit. She wasn't able to get up, so the cops clubbed her and threw her in the back of a pickup (For meat we are guessing)..Then in the mountains, we watched a deer climb up a steep embankment!

Ra a drop of golden sun- It was very sunny today! We had our sunglasses on all day!

Mi a name, I call myself- I was trying to take a picture of you can see it didn't work so well

Fa, a long, long way to run! --We walked a LOT today!
So, a needle pulling thread...ummmm, this one didn't work so well!
La, a note to follow so- Well, 'La' is sort of a random, right? We saw lots of pretty mountains and hills today :)
Ti, a drink with jam and breadddddddd--We had some Arizona tea today :)
And that will bring us back to dooooooooooooo!
See ya

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