Sunday, July 12, 2009

Days of the RV...Part 1

Hey there!!!!! I haven't updated I thought I'd give you a run-down of whats up!
We left on July 2nd, slept in a Walmart parking lot, stayed at Olivet on the 3rd, so we could be there for the family reunion on the 4th.
Then, we went to Racine then Appletone for the 4th-the 10th, then we went up to Eau Claire for another family reunion and stayed overnight...Then, we found a campground in Menomine, WI...
Then, today we hung out with Beth Blair, ate lunch with her, found a campground and had s'mores with her. She just left, so we are sitting out by the fire waiting for it to go out.. It is SOOOO relaxing!
OHHHHH...We stayed with the Holdts and had a bonfire and sleepover with them. It was SOOO much fun! Check Facebook for videos! I guess we will head for South Dakota tomorrow..Hopefully we will have good wifi soon again! (Since the cell card was disconnected) It is hard to type a whole blog from the iPhone. I'm good, but not quite that good :)
I'll try to keep this updated! Text or call me if you want an update right away! Ha ha..

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