Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thinking about the future...

Since returning from Israel, I have been reading and hearing a lot about Jesus' return.
Our last Teen CBS lesson was about not being asleep, but being alert and ready for Jesus' return.
Then, at Midweek (our youth service on Wednesday nights), we've been discussing Spritual warfare and how Satan is in a constant battle with Jesus for our souls.
We've been talking about how important prayer and reading Scripture is, to fend off the attacks of Satan.
All Christians have to put on the armor of God and that includes starting the day asking for His help.
Another thing that has accounted for the focus of Jesus' return is Easter.  You see, Easter is focused on Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection; but it also gives the promise of His return.
This focus on His return has made me think a lot about Heaven.
We all do it, we think
 "Oh, yeah....Heaven is out there and if I believe in God, I will go there when I die."
But, when's the last time that you really stopped to this: Heaven is not like going on vacation to somewhere you've never gone before.  Heaven will be our new home.  We've gotten so comfortable here on Earth that we forget that this world (and it's familiarties) will be GONE, they're temporary.
We will go to Heaven, where no eye had seen, except Jesus.
Even those who are dead are not in Heaven yet.  The Bible says that when Jesus comes back, the dead (in Christ-Christians) will rise and see Him first.  I honestly have no idea what is happening to dead Christian's souls right now, but they're not in Heaven just yet.
I cannot wait to join the angels in Heaven and get away from the drama of this world, but I worry.
We all worry a little about what will happen. We've all worried about death.
I know my faith is in Jesus and that I'm going to Heaven, but it's just a small fear.
A feat like you get when you move to a new town, you don't know what to expect.
Just think for a minute.
This whole life will be gone, everything that you've worked for on earth, all of your money, GONE.
That's a weird thought because this world is all we've ever known.
But, that awesome thing is, we don't have to worry!
Jesus granted salvation to those who believe in Him and we will live for eternity with Him.
Eternity. That is forever.

Today, I am thankful for the promise of Heaven.


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Jenna Johnson said...

I love this. I too, am so thankful for that promise. Especially when there are huge tornados all around. Thanks for sharing. Love you