Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Israel: Day 1

Hey Emily!  This was where we went after we got off the plane!
 It was a VERY nice hotel!

The hotel overlooked the Mediterranean Sea. This is the view from our room.
SO cool!

My roomie, Emily was SO excited to see apples.
We walked into our room, she saw the apples and ate one right then :)

Feet Picture!!!
 We were walking on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea

The very first night we had Italian food!

This was breakfast at the Dan Tel Aviv...
They always had fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice.
That croissant on the left side of my plate is filled with mashed potatoes.

We went to a Lutheran church service, it was Sunday.
The pipe organ was SO pretty and sounded SO awesome!

This is Joppa-overlooking Tel Aviv.

The rocks out here would not have changed since Jonah was here!
Jonah left from Joppa to go to Tarshish, even though God told him to go to Nineveh.
The cedar wood for Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem would've come to this port, as well.

This House of Simon the Tanner is also in Joppa.
This is where God gave Peter a vision regarding clean and unclean food.(Acts 10)

This was our bus!
(from the front left)
Matt, Emily, John, Dylan, Reed and everyone else that isn't looking...

This was at Caesarea Maritima. It's primarily known for housing King Herod's Palace.
Paul was also imprisoned here for 2 years.
Now, whenever I read Acts, I can imagine Paul looking out over the sea writing it.
This amphitheatre was HUGE.
The little arches at the top are called vomitoriums in Latin.
It literally means "to vomit" people in.
Lovely, hm?
This was our bus!!

These are remains of King Herod's Palace

This is an arena that chariot races were held in.
 The boys decided they needed to be horses and chariots.
Kelton is on Malachi's back, Reed is on Matt's back.
Matt had ankle surgery 9 weeks ago, but he made it all the way around!
(He may have fallen right before he got to the end)
These arches are part of an aqueduct system that provided water for Caesarea Maritima.
It's crazy how we think people back then weren't that smart...
Obviously there were if they could get water to their city through this!

Day 2 will be coming shortly!

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Beth said...

So very neat to see this through your eyes and with the Scripture that goes along with it. Thanks for taking time to share it!