Monday, October 25, 2010

"Making a Covenant"

This week in my Teen CBS lesson, we are talking about God's promises and covenants to Abram (Genesis 15:7-21). Some of the questions from the book and my answers are below.

-What additional prophetic information about the future of his descendants did God give at this time? Abram's descendants would be slaves for 400 years.
-Why do you think God delayed the fulfillment of His promise to Abram for such a long time? I think He wanted to teach them/us to be patient and to trust Him
-What promise of Jesus to the Church are we waiting for God to fulfill? (Matt.24:30-31) Jesus will come back to take all Christians back to Heaven
-Why has God delayed the fulfillment of this promise? He wants everyone to have a chance to come to repentance.

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