Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I've realized that if you follow my sister's blog you know basically everything that's going on in my life, too!
We have 109 school days left (YAY!), We are going to Dallas today for dinner with my mom's cousin and of course, Sam Moon :)

Anywho, Something that has been on my heart, is reading my Bible. As you've read in my blog, I've read through the Bible twice, this is my third time. But, I was reading 10 chapters a day. Even though I was taking notes, I wasn't really studying it. So, this time I've cut back to under 5 chapters a day.
The funny thing is, It drives me crazy when people say 'I don't have time to read my Bible' . My thought to that is, 'Really? Why are you on this earth? To serve Jesus? So shouldn't you learn about Him?'
Well....I've become 'busy' and it upsets me. I make time for other things, but not God. How sad is that? I am going to do better this month. Will you too?


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