Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today, It is 80 degrees :)

Hey there,
Today, it's about 80 degrees, Yes, it is February 3rd!
It is very nice. My Mom and I watched our DVR-ed shows since Jenna had to babysit (She doesn't like House or CSI, My Mom and my favorites!)
I actually haven't been out of the house!
Dad wanted Spiced Americanos (The recipe is on this blog somewhere...) this morning, and I actually read the recipe, for once :D and you are supposed to put 2 tablespoons of the sugary syrup in the cup, not mix it all together...ha ha..It's much better the right way!
So, I had a cup of that this morning, then Jenna wanted a Java Chip Frappe before she went to babysit... Of course, I made a little too much to fit in the cup, so I had to drink some of that, too!
And, by midmorning I was cold, so I made some powdered cappuccino!
Wow! I've had a lot of caffeine today!
But, Sonic does sound pretty delish!
And I DID get a lot accomplished today. I did some school, some review sheets, and finally got modivated to do the announcements for Wendesday! :D
And, I did CBS and read my 10 chapters in the Bible today!
Pretty cool, huh? :D
1st Samuel 10:6 "Before you know it, the Spirit of God will come on you and you'll be profesying right along with them. And you'll be transformed. You'll be a new person!"
This verse stuck out to me because it is true! Someone can be totally against God, but when you let Him come in, your attitude changes and you are completely transformed!

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