Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Other Religions....

Currently in my youth group, we are doing a series called "Confident Christian".  It's basically just showing us what other people believe (Buddhists, Muslims, Jews....) and how to show them that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. 
A cool thing we learned last Wednesday is that even though what these religions believe is not exactly right, they have some things right. 

I know, I know...You think I'm crazy....Keep reading, I'm not done. 

What they have right, is that they are so faithful to pray at certain times, or to keep every law that was spoken to Moses.  If we could just adopt some of their faithfulness, we could prosper much more as Christians.  I began to think, 'What if I prayed 5 times a day instead of just when it's convenient for me' or 'What if I began wanting to read my Bible instead of making myself read it at times'.

While we are on the subject of Bible reading and praying, have you thought lately how blessed we are to be able to read about Jesus and how to be more like Him? Or how much we take for granted knowing that every prayer we pray is heard, even if we don't get an answer right away?

Put a note card on your mirror reminding yourself to thank Jesus, learn more about Him through His Word and just talk to Him like you talk to so many other people throughout the day.

You are blessed, whatever your situation may be right now. 

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