Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thoughts on drinking alcohol

In Biblical times, people drank water with a little feremented grape juice in it, because straight water was not safe to drink. Today, people drink alcoholic beverages:
1. to be artificially stimulated (to get high) or
2. to be artificially relaxed (calmed down) or
3. to have artificial joy (pleasureable sensations) or
4. to be accepted by others who drink alcohol.

God wants His people:
1. to get their joy (high) in their relationship with Him
2. to get their peace (calmness) in their relationship with Him
3. to get their true pleasure (not artificial pleasure) from Him
4. to get their acceptance from God and His people.

A Christian who drinks any kind of alcohol cannot be an effective witness for Christ. God calls His people to separate from the world, and judges our motives as well as our actions (1 Corinthians 3:13)

-"The Gospels: Jesus and His Followers" -ABeka

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Beth said...

good points there, Kathleen. Glad you know where to 'get your high'. Love you!