Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are you a "Real" Christian?

This was our message tonight at Midweek at FBCPville....It is so true...Thanks Matt!

Vivid:Real or Fake?
"James 2:14-26"

-What good is it to have faith with no deeds?

If someone takes on the name of Christ, they have to live like they have Him in them.

Faith is not real if there is no....

1. Transformation
-Transformation: to undergo a change

-If we have Jesus inside of us, we should be bearing fruits [of the Spirit]

2. Compassion

"1 John 3:17"
-If we see someone in need and don't reach out to them, how can we say the love of God is in us?
"Matthew 25:34-35"
-When you reach out to those who I've nothing, you are reaching out to God.

3. Demonstration

-It's impossible to demonstrate what you don't have. (Christ in your life)

"Matthew 5:16"
-Let your light shine! People will see your light, and praise God because of your light.


Jenna Johnson said...

very good points. I like this a lot!

Beth said...

I agree with Jenna. Very good points. Thanks to Matt for making it real to you.