Monday, August 2, 2010

Living Free-Free Choice

These are the notes I took at church yesterday....It was an awesome sermon!
Living Free-Free Choice
"Galatians 5:1-15"
-Every choice we make has a consequence.
-God wants us to make the right choices in life. He encourages us to make the right choices.
-Making the right choices allows us to enjoy the best consequences in life.
What are the right choices?
1. Choose to STAND FIRM
Jesus desires for us to have freedom. He died so we could have it! We have to stand firm in order to have freedom.
A. Standing firm means really putting faith in Jesus.
-Having faith in Jesus means more than just acknowledging that He is the ONLY God. The demons acknowledge that!
-Our faith has to involve more than what the demons have.
Faith- "Hebrews11:1" Having the certainty in our relationship, even though we can't see Him.
-We live by faith (2 Corinthians 5:7)
-The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself though love. (Galatians 5:5)
B. Standing firm means not returning to our old lives.
"Galatians 5:1b"
-Don't allow yourself to be burdened by the yoke of slavery (of sin)
-Make the choice to stand firm (in your faith)
2. Choose to RUN WELL
A. "Running a good race" means obeying truth.
"Jeremiah 17:9"
The heart is deceitful, who can understand it?
-The heart is deceitful, don't follow it, don't trust it... It'll lead you astray.
What is truth?
"John 14:6"
I am the truth.
"John 8:31-32"
If you hold to my teachings, the truth will set you free.
Where do we find that truth?
"2 Timothy 3:16"
All Scripture is God breathed, That's where we find the truth.
The Bible is the ONLY source of absolute truth.
B. "Running a good race" means continuing in Gods truth without being distracted.
C. A little bit of disobedience can ruin a really good race.
3. Choose to SERVE OTHERS
A. God would have us choose to improve conditions for others.
B. Don't use the freedom you have in Christ to cater to your own needs, but serve each other.
C. Consciously and deliberately choose to serve...


Jenna Johnson said...

I really loved this sermon! Thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

Have I told you lately how blessed I am to have you as my daughter. You are so spiritually grounded--I am thrilled that you are His child, too.