Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Noah...and the Ark

Noah's story still amazes me every time I read it. Yes, it is one of the first Bible stories that you ever learn as a child, but there is so much too it.
1) It hadn't rained ever , yet Noah listened to God when God told him to build an ark because the earth was going to flood with rain (because the earth was filled with wicked people). As you can imagine, everyone laughed at him, because they thought he was crazy. It must have taken a crazy amount of faith to continue building the ark when everyone was against you.

2)God told Noah, "Go into the ark with your wife, children and their wives, and take 2 of EVERY animal with you, Oh and make it an even 14 (7 of each male and female) of every clean animal. Oh yes, and 14 of every bird, too. Once your in there, stay for 7 days, then it'll start to rain..." It rained constantly for 40 days! The earth stayed flooded for 150 days! Then, Noah sent out doves every 7 days for 14 days to see if the earth was dry, and finally it was.

So, then Noah and his family gets off the ark, and they are literally the only humans alive on the PLANET.

Wow. That is faith.

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Jenna Johnson said...

I love this story too. It amazes me to know that without a drop of rain falling, no real evidence that there would indeed be a need for an ark- that Noah just obeyed, and followed what God said. I want to have this trust and faith too. Thanks for sharing this!