Sunday, April 18, 2010

Living Free-Firm Foundations

These are my sermon notes from today....Is He your firm foundation?

Living Free-Firm Foundations
Dr Steve Washburn
"Galatians 1:1-5"
We need to understand the foundations upon which our faith rests.
1. The Father's Work.
A. He authored a plan to rescue us through His Son's death.
B. He raised Jesus from the dead.
-Why is this important?
If Jesus' death on the cross paid the sins of all men, can't I come before the Father without Jesus having to die?
Nope, if you go before God, and Jesus hadn't lived again, we would stay in the grave.
C. He gives us grace and peace
-We want to be recipients of grace to wash us and peace to calm us.
Only God can give it!
Gold sure doesn't buy grace or peace!
2. The Savior's Work
A. He gave Himself for our sins
My sins require someone to die. Either me or Jesus.
God is so blindingly holy that even the smallest speck of sin can only be blotted away by blood.
-Jesus loves me enough to wash my sins away with His blood rather than mine.
B. Jesus came back from the dead.
-He was bodily ressurected from the grave.
Do I really believe that Jesus was risen from the grave?
If you don't believe that, there is no point in calling yourself a "Christian".
C. He offers to rescue us from this evil age.
He has provided an opportunity to gain escape and be rescued!
Many people reject His offer and stay in this evil age.
3. The Apostles' work
-They were sent by Jesus (verse 1)
A. They are the spokespersons of Jesus Himself to us.
"John 17:20"
He wasn't praying only for the apostles, but also for the apostles messages to us!
B. Their writings (the Scriptures) are the foundation upon which we build our lives.
God is strong enough to prevent people from changing the words of the Scripture.
The Bible is a firm foundation!

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