Thursday, February 4, 2010

There IS a difference between a 'Homeschooler' and 'doing school at home'

Okay, So, today, I had to drive with a driving instructor and I was to observe this other high school student after I had driven. He was a homeschooler. I'll give you the difference.

A 'Homeschooler':

-Has a comb over
-Never leaves the house
-Doesn't know how to socialize
-Has enormous glasses
-and dresses like this:

While, a person who is homeschooled:
-is normal
-has no problems having a normal conversation
-is conscience of how huge glasses make you look
-is social.

There is a big difference. I'm homeschooled in case you were wondering :)



Beth said...

That picture looks JUST like the kid she drove with, I kid you not!!! So glad she survived the hour he drove!

tomcottar said... i am. sitting at St.Arbux, minding my own business. Laptop. iTunes. coffee. and I run across this!

1. I laugh so hard, latte spews out my nose.
2. This dude is staring at me.
3. I laugh HARDER. I'm gonna pee my pants.
4. The dude looks like he could be the dad of the kid you drove with.

(5. I'm STILL laughing..)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha....
Latte spewing out of your nose! I bet that looked hilarious.
I'm glad you got a laugh, though :)

Karen's Kitchen said...

Bless his heart!
Will you drive with him again?
I can't wait to see you in a few weeks.......Love, FAK