Saturday, November 21, 2009

Facing YOUR Giants

If you didn't know, 1st Samuel 16 and 17 is about Samuel (Of course :D),Saul, David, and Goliath.

The Lord told Samuel that he needed to go find Jesse and tell him that his son, David, would become king. He did as he was told, but Jesse only showed him his biggest, strongest sons. Samuel knew David wasnt one of them. He asked for David. Samuel annointed David with oil, and the Spirit of the Lord came upon him. Then, David went to Saul, and Saul loved him. When Saul was troubled by the Spirit of the Lord, David would play his harp and make Saul feel better.

Then, in the 17th chapter, Jesse, David's father, sent David out to feed his brothers who were fighting against the Phillipines. David found Saul and told him he would fight against the Phillistines, and defeat Goliath(Goliath is described, a man that was over 9 feet tall, while we are told that David is a small shepherd boy) ! You can imagine everyone's reaction there! A small boy wanting to fight a giant! David chose to go without armor, because it felt too heavy on him. He took 5 stones from a river and had a slingshot. No spear, No armor, NOTHING! He found Goliath and quickly put a stone in the sling, and hit him right between the eyes! The giant fell and was dead!

Can you imagine?! A small boy being told that he would become KING! Then, going out to battle with a giant. When I hear this story, it reminds me of the movie 'Facing the Giants' We all have giants of some sort that are bigger than us and we are told we can't fight. I know for a fact that God was with David and that sling. God can help us with our giants. We just have to let him. He will never leave us or forsake us. Seriously, think about this for a minute. He IS omnipresent. You don't have to wait your turn until someone else is done to talk to Him! He is everywhere and he knows all things. He is always there for you when you think that there is no way that you can stand up to your giants.

Think about it this week. How God can help you face your giants.



Jane said...

That was just what I needed to read tonite. Thanks for sharing.

Jenna Johnson said...

Wow! Thanks for posting this. So true!