Friday, September 5, 2008

Almost HOME!

Hey bloggers :)
We are finally coming home, my Grandpa is doing better..we might come back for his surgery, but for now, we are headed home. We are about 6 and a half hours from home...12 down, 6 1/2 to go! I'm SO tired of sitting, but we don't have nearly as long of a drive tomorrow. Please continue to pray for my Grandpa and Grandma. My Grandpa-Of course, he's healing from surgery, but he can't bend his leg for 5 more weeks. Pray for him to have strength and be able to heal soon!!
My Grandma, also-She has been a HUGE lifesaver to my Grandpa, but she is also training to be a BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) Leader, which takes up 2 mornings every week. My Grandpa has to have IV antibiotics at the hospital every day, so she has been run ragged.
'Night! :)

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