Sunday, November 6, 2011

Paul...How he fell of the "path"

I have recently begun Beth Moore's Paul: 90 days in his journey of faith.I didn't think I'd really catch anything amazing yet, but of course, I did!
The first few days of this book describe how Paul would have been born, circumcised, and forced to follow the Jewish rituals.  He had to be sent away when he was 13 to learn more about the Torah and who knows what else...
The first portion of his life, he was forced into religion, then finally he couldn't take it any more.  I bet that he grew bored in going through the same rituals daily and the same prayers over and over again.
It just reminded me how grateful I am to have a Savior who died for me to let me pray however I can and not have to go through any special ritual to talk to Him.

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