Thursday, July 21, 2011

He restores my soul

He restores my soul. -Psalm 23:3a

Wow. A simple verse with SO much meaning.  Lately I've found myself not nearly as close to God as I have been in the past.  The world teaches us that everyday life just 'gets in the way' of reading the Bible, and taking time to strengthen a relationship with God.  The really amazing thing is, no matter what the world says, once God gets your attention again, you are always welcome right where you were. 
When I hear the word 'Restore' I think of a computer or iPhone (yes...this is a major geek sign...)
In computer language, it really means to erase everything and begin anew. All of the distorted files are wiped away, everything is gone and you get clean slate. When you think about that happening to your soul, it is overwhelming. I, a sinner, get a clean slate when I mess up. Granted, God does not love that people walk away from Him, but it doesn't matter what you've done.  God searches for you, well for all of us. (Matthew 18:12)  He is so greatful when we come back (as told in the parable of the prodigal son)  He forgets that you ever went away, and you start anew.  I am so grateful that nothing matters except for the present and the future.  My past has been forgotten and yours has too!

God bless.


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Jenna Johnson said...

I love this. What a great reminder and something that causes one to think. So proud of you! Love you