Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Let me introduce you to this place....This is Dazzle. The coffee is WAY better than Starbucks, and pretty close to passing KafeKathleen (ha ha...) I think this is the coolest idea for a coffee shop.
Future KafeKathleen? What do you think??


tomcottar said...

GREAT picture!

but better than St.Arbux? No seats to engage in conversation. No restroom to ...well, nevermind. No WIFI to tweet, blog, and engage the globe? ...NO way! LOL!

seriously, I think KafeKathleen could give them a run for their money! You should give it a go...

Kathleen said...

Thanks, but the picture was taken off their website. Ha ha..
I admit the atmosphere at Starbucks is cool, and their coffee is alright..
But, Dazzle's idea is cool :)

When you find someone rich to fund KafeKathleen let me know :D

Kathleen said...

And maybe KafeKathleen would have some inside seating and Wi-Fi

Jenna Johnson said...

I love dazzle :D

I love KafeKathleen more. What ever you just made was to. die. for.. seriously.