Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Enjoying this thing called Summer

I have been playing Sly3, and am now 49% done! :)

I made an awsome Vanilla Latte today..Thanks to Alton Brown's show on Espresso :)

Many of you have updated to iTunes 8.2, but if you haven't and you have iPhone....DON'T UPDATE! You won't be able to make free ringtones! Apple found the loophole everyone was using to make them for free, and Apple fixed it! Now, I updated without thinking and my free ringtone days are gone :(

Also, the new iPhone 3G S, in my opinion is a waste of money to upgrade to! The only differences are the video camera and landscape keyboard for a few more apps, voice dialer (the free app vlingo does the same thing) and spotlight to search the whole phone. Oh, and it's 16 or 32 GB, but really the more stuff you have on a phone/ipod/computer..the more it slows it down :)

Those are my thoughts for the day!


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